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Camp Sweet Life Adventures, Inc. enhances the lives of young people with Type 1 Diabetes and their families by providing fun opportunities for learning, connecting and sharing. Camp Sweet Life is the first camp for kids with diabetes in Southern Minnesota with a goal of providing safe, medically-supervised outings so children can experience camp, outdoor fun and social activities just like any other child. Camp Sweet Life also provides seasonal activities, youth development, parental development and other support activities for families with a child that has Type 1 Diabetes.

Sarah Caven Camp Sweet Life Adventures Champion Runner Mankato Marathon 2017Sarah Caven - Half Marathon
Running Mantra: Turn and burn (especially at the end)
Running Advice: Running to me isn't always about a time. Mother nature can always have a hand in how that plays out. The best advice I can give is to find that inner fire and define your why. Why do you run? Once you can define that, use it when you train. When the training gets tough (and it will), go back to your why and hopefully it will spark that inner fire that can ignite you to finish the training run, that race, that cross-training day, etc.
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Doug Lamoureux Camp Sweet Life Adventures Champion Runner Mankato Marathon 2017Doug Lamoureux - Half Marathon
Running Mantra: "Just keep running" (said in Dory the Blue Tang voice" and "Through the grace of God I have this body; use it!"
Running Advice: Get your weekly runs in; build that base - that's what you fall back on.
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Gail Graupman Camp Sweet Life Adventures Champion Runner Mankato Marathon 2017Gail Graupman - Half Marathon
Running Mantra: I am determined. I am powerful. I am strong. And I will finish this race.
Running Advice: Run happy. For me, it's about being with friends and working through the tough run together; and feeling awesome when it's finished.
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Kevin Lewis Camp Sweet Life Adventures Champion Runner Mankato Marathon 2017Kevin Lewis - Full Marathon
Running Mantra: "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." (Yes, it's from Finding Nemo.) and "I'm young, I'm fit, I'm strong."
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