Mankato Marathon Injury Prevention

You’ve just finished a marathon or other running event; now recovery begins. So, let’s break it down into three different phases.

Mankato Marathon Full Marathon Last Minute Race Tips

The spirit of the Marathon is definitely alive in Mankato! The best of humanity comes out during a marathon—you see people doing what seems impossible.

Mankato Marathon Last Minute Race Tips Toddler Trot

Toddler Trot/Diaper Dash
The Diaper Dash and Toddler Trot are a must for the youngest ones. These spectacular races are designed just for all the crawlers and toddlers out there and are great opportunities to teach healthy habits from the start.

Mankato Marathon 10k Last Minute Race Tips

The Mankato Marathon 10K race course is by far my favorite 10K I have ever run. It’s a beautiful run through town with a descent down Stoltzman Road. Here are some quick tips for the 10K:

Mankato Marathon Calling Runners

Have you been considering signing up for one of the many races during the Mankato Marathon but are thinking, “Me? Run? I don’t run!”

Perfect! Because I want to encourage you to find a race that speaks to you, lace up your shoes and just go for it! It’s not too late—registration is still open—and there really is an event for everyone.


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