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Mankato Marathon Calling Runners

Have you been considering signing up for one of the many races during the Mankato Marathon but are thinking, “Me? Run? I don’t run!”

Perfect! Because I want to encourage you to find a race that speaks to you, lace up your shoes and just go for it! It’s not too late—registration is still open—and there really is an event for everyone.

To help encourage you, I’ll share my story…

First, I do not consider myself a runner. My husband, Dr. Chaun Cox, with Mayo Clinic Health System, is the runner. He has dozens of marathons and two Ironman Triathlons under his belt. After being a spectator at many of his races, I decided to do something completely out of my comfort zone and lace up my shoes for the first time.

I know we all have personal reasons for deciding to sign up for a race for the first time, and mine was simply to get a babysitter. I figured if I was actually running the race, I could get a break from the kids! Hey, we all have our reasons.

When I started running, I made a commitment to myself to not let this running stuff stress me out. If I decide to pound the pavement, it’s all about me and not the time on the clock. To date, I have never worn a watch during training or races. Talk about savoring the moment!

In addition to “me time,” I also signed up for my first race because I wanted the cool race shirt and medal. The thing I love about a race shirt is that your time is never listed on the back of the shirt. I can proudly wear the same race shirt as my husband without anyone knowing that he finished first while I was hanging in the back of the pack.

I also believe in wearing loud, bright running shoes and lipstick. No make-up—just lipstick. You should look good and feel good out on the course no matter what the race clock says!

We all have our own goals and motivations for signing up for a race. What are yours?

Kate Cox forwebAbout the author:
Kate Cox is the program director for Project for Teens, a peer-based, volunteer service learning program for high school students in the Greater Mankato area.


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