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Committee Against Domestic AbuseThe Committee Against Domestic Abuse, Inc. is a non-profit victim’s advocacy and emergency shelter organization based in Mankato, Minnesota. It has been engaged in its mission to provide shelter, advocacy, and education services for 35 years. The shelter program provides emergency housing to female survivors of domestic and sexual violence and their children. Twenty-four hour advocacy and supportive services are provided in the shelter as well as through community-based victim service programs serving Blue Earth, Nicollet, Brown, Waseca, Watonwan, Faribault, Le Sueur and Sibley counties located in South-Central Minnesota. CADA also houses a supervised parenting time program where children are able to visit their non-custodial parents in a safe, neutral environment.

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Jason Mack forwebJason Mack
Running Mantra: Just keep running, running, running...
Running Advice: I've actually never run a race before, so I'll have to let you know after October.




Brittany Wojtowicz forwebBrittany Wojtowicz
Running Mantra: I don't really have one! The closest thing I have is, "If I just ran 6 miles, I can always walk then rest."...then..."If I do 7 miles, 8 miles..." and then eventually I'm running more than I'm walking!
Running Advice: Slow down!




Andrew Boyer Kern forwebAndrew Boyer-Kern
Running Mantra: Dig deeper.
Running Advice: It doesn't matter how fast you run the race, just that you finish it.




Kirby Hurd forwebKirby Hurd
Running Mantra: While I'm running, I like to reflect on my day, mentally work through challenges, and think about those people who lift me up, inspire me, and help me keep looking and moving forward—there are a lot of them! I guess the closest thing I have to a mantra is "Be grateful."
Running Advice: The best running advice I've received came from my friend and coworkers, Brittany Wojtowicz, who is also a CADA Champion Runner. After a disappointing effort to begin training, I was questioning my ability to run this race during a conversation with her. She responded, "Just slow down." I tried it that day; when I ran, I started a lot slower. And it worked—I ran for twice as long and twice as far as before, simply by slowing down. I remind myself to start slow ever time I run, and it always works. Thanks, Brittany!



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