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Open Door Health CenterOpen Door Health Center has been serving the Greater Mankato area for 20 years and continues to provide affordable, culturally appropriate health care through patient-centered medical, dental and behavioral health care for all people across southern Minnesota. At ODHC, individuals and families are served regardless of their ability to pay. The services currently offered include family practice, medical, dental and behavioral services, which are all available on site. ODHC also maintains a significant number of partnerships with other organizations in the community that can assist patients with other resources (e.g. food access, safe housing, legal assistance) that help address major challenges in their lives that impact their health and well-being.

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Chris Mish forwebChris Mish
Running Mantra: Don't stop; just keep going.
Running Advice: 1. It doesn't matter how slow you go as long as you don't quit. 2. Run your race.



Jeni Kolstad forwebJeni Kolstad
Running Mantra: I run for the people who can't.
Running Advice: I try to practice mindfulness when I run so I don't let my brain get the best of me.



Damaris Salazar forwebDamaris Salazar
Running Mantra: I'm no runner so "Just get through it," I guess.
Running Advice: This will be my first run so if anything, I need the advice!



Samantha Frederick forwebSamantha Frederick
Running Mantra: My running mantra is jus to keep going. Don't worry about others around you or how many miles it's been but focus on the road ahead and try to hit a personal best.
Running Advice: Everyone has different motivators. I like having having the time to listen to music and enjoy the surroundings. It's a carefree time to relax.



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