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Project for TeensProject for Teens is a volunteer service learning program that involves approximately 120 students grades 10-12 from five Greater Mankato area high schools. Mankato East, West and Loyola Schools are long-time members and we are so excited to welcome St. Peter High School and Lake Crystal High School to the P4T Crew this year. Once trained, peer leaders share messages that promote healthy decision-making with fifth through eighth grade students (over 2,400 projected for the 2016-2017 school year) across the Mankato and St. Peter / Lake Crystal School Districts (Dakota Meadows, Franklin, Garfield, Fitzgerald, Prairie Winds, North Intermediate, St. Peter High School and Lake Crystal Secondary) through various methods of teaching, including small group discussions, skits and role-playing. The goal is to promote health and responsible decision-making among younger age peers on topics like bullying, social media, sexual health and relationships.



Tim Hardy forwebTim Hardy
Running Mantra: Compete.
Running Advice: Have a game plan on race day. Stick to it.
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Shea Roehrkasse forwebShea Roehrkasse
Running Mantra: Improve on my time from last year!
Running Advice: Make sure your headphones are fully charged for race day (speaking from experience)!
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Matt DuRose forwebMatt DuRose
Running Mantra: Pace yourself and finish strong.
Running Advice: Same as mantra!
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Tony Stadtherr forwebTony Stadtherr
Running Mantra: Run the mile you're on.
Running Advice: I'm not exactly an expert running. I guess it would be keep going; the first mile is usually the worst.
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