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Her Story - Lindsay Henkels

Lindsay HenkelsMarathon runner Lindsay Henkels, of Mankato, will participate in the Mankato Half Marathon October 20 in her pursuit of qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials.

The qualifying window for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials opened Aug 1, 2013 and it ends 30 days before the designated Olympic Trials race in 2016.

The half marathon qualifying time for the Olympic Marathon Trials is one hour and 15 minutes, which is the Women’s “B” standard.

It is Henkels third year running the Mankato Half Marathon. Last year Henkels placed second for women at the Mankato Half Marathon with a time of one hour and 19 minutes. In 2011 she finished third with a time of one hour and 23 minutes. This year she hopes to take first place.

“Mankato is my hometown and the Mankato Marathon offers support on the course from family and friends. It’s a good race with good competition,” Henkels said.

Henkels has achieved her best personal run times for the half marathon each year in the Mankato Half Marathon.

“So much more than just logging miles goes into training for a marathon,” Henkels said.

Three days a week Henkels runs twice a day and completes a minimum of 100 miles per week. She eats a nutritious diet, lifts weights, exercises her core, and focuses on getting enough sleep. She also takes mental “toughness” training from Cindra Kamphoff, Ph.D.

Running in cross country at Mankato West High School and at the University of Minnesota inspired Henkels to complete her first marathon in 2002 after graduating college. She admits she did not train much for this race. Since then she has completed five full marathons.

Inspiration for completing five marathons and many half marathons comes from Henkels husband, Toby.

“I would say my husband really inspires me to be the best runner I can be,” Henkels said.

Of all her accomplishments in competitive marathon running, Henkels said she is most proud of how she is able to keep improving and pushing herself, even with a full time job and two children.

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