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Sport Psych Team & Cheer Teams

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Sport Psych Team:Sport Psych Team
Dr. Cindra Kamphoff, professor and director of The Center for Sport & Performance Psychology at Minnesota State University, Mankato, leads a group of graduate students and professionals who provide participants with mental strategies and mental toughness tips to help runners reach their full potential. Team members will provide strategies to runners at the Expo, at the Start, and biking with runners ("Psychs on Bikes"). Every runner can benefit from a short conversation with a member of the Sport Psych Team. You will feel more mentally prepared, confident, and ready to reach your best. Look for the people in the matching shirts that say "Sport Psych Team."


Mankato Marathon Cheer TeamsCheer Teams:
There will be several cheer teams strategically placed along the half marathon and full marathon courses to cheer you right through the finish line. There will be many smiling faces you will not have a chance to "hit the wall!" Cheer Teams are meant to motivate and inspire runners with cheers, music, signs and encouraging words.


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