This marathon has no shortage of crowds to cheer you on including cheer teams, aid stops and spectators. Mankato has definitely embraced this as a community event and pulled out all the stops! This race is known for the finish line – Athletes get a fabulous finisher medal, and can partake in food galore, music, messages, personal photos and kids activities for the young or maybe young at heart.

Picture this course: Marathoners begin at the MSU parking lots and travel south on Monks Street to Mile 3 with dedicated police escorts to ensure the road stays closed. At the intersection of Monks and Hwy 90, half marathons take a right while the marathoners take a left. Once you turn left, you will continue on Hwy 90. While running along Hwy 90, you will go down and then back up through the Le Seuer River valley before turning left onto Hwy 41 where you will again go down and back up through the Le Seuer River Valley. These are the only two significant hills you will have in the marathon course. From here it is mostly flat as you go through Lions Park and back south down Monks Avenue to Hwy 90. From this point forward you will follow the same course as the half marathoners to the finish line.

Once you take a right onto Hwy 90, you will go about 2 miles and then it is mostly downhill from here. From the view point at mile 18, you can see the runners ahead of you for over a mile. Just after mile 18, you will get on the trail system and be on trails for the next 5 miles. Prepared to be amazed at the beautiful scenery you will see that will make you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. At mile 22.5 you will come out onto Riverfront Drive and back into the city. From here you will go through Riverfront Park which is landmark of Mankato along the Minnesota River. Once through the park you come back onto Riverfront Drive and then onto Front Street where the finish line awaits you.

The course is broken down into four sections. Each section will be approximately 6.6 miles long. At the end of each leg of the race, there will be an exchange zone. The person running will come into the exchange zone and transfer the timing chip from the current runner to the next runner. The new runner will then exit the exchange zone and begin their section of the race. Please remember to keep the chip strapped to each runner's leg or you will not get an official time!

Exchange Zones:
A note for all you Relay runners
, you follow the same course as all the marathoners. Relay exchange zones are as follows:
• At 6.7 miles (Exchange Zone 1; Water Stop #3 on County Road 41 and 199th Street) Note: The Sheriff's department is asking all runners for Exchange Zone 1 to take the bus.
• At 13.1 miles (Exchange Zone 2; Water Stop #6 on Stadium Road between Pohl Road and Heron Drive)
• At 19.8 miles (Exchange Zone 3; Water Stop on the corner of County Road 90 and Highway 66 near Mount Kato)

Transportation to Exchange Zones:
Bus pickup for the exchange zones is on Cherry Street near the Cherry Street ramp. The buses will be marked with the exchange zone they are going to and from. There will be buses leaving from the finish line area and taking runners to and from the exchange zones. These buses will be in the same location as the buses that took the initial runners to the start line. Each runner can either take the bus to the exchange zone or have a friend drop them off. Note: The Sheriff's department is asking all runners for Exchange Zone 1 to take the bus.

Race Awards:
Overall Awards:

For all Female Teams, All Male Teams and Co-Ed Teams

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place

Overall winners for the Relay will receive an award medal. Relay runners are not eligible for cash prizes. Overall winners are determined by Gun Time and not by Chip Time.

All runners will receive a technical shirt and medal.

Race Swag:
New designs coming for 2017! Check out last year's designs below.

Finisher MedalRelay


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