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Mankato Marathon 5K and Relay Last Minute Tips

This is the perfect distance for all those who are just starting to dabble in running. It’s ideal because it can be a run/walk. Keep in mind, this is not “just a 5k”—this distance absolutely counts and needs to be celebrated. It may be the shortest distance of the races on Marathon weekend, but it is a worthy distance—you still need to train and pace yourself. A good meal before the race and hydrating yourself on the course is important. Take the opportunity to run/walk the course prior to race day to build the excitement and be sure to take time to celebrate your accomplishment.

Marathon start line 2016

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Make the Mankato Marathon Your Weekend Plans

Marathon Fun Family Weekend tile1. It's a fun family weekend
No one has to stay home! From the Diaper Dash to the full marathon, the Mankato Marathon has a race for everyone. In the Expo, children can run wild in the Kidz Zone featuring a rock wall, four bowling lanes, bounce houses and more. Sports organizations and service providers will also be there offering various services to participating runners.


Mankato Marathon Full Marathon Last Minute Race Tips

The spirit of the Marathon is definitely alive in Mankato! The best of humanity comes out during a marathon—you see people doing what seems impossible.

Mankato Marathon Injury Prevention

You’ve just finished a marathon or other running event; now recovery begins. So, let’s break it down into three different phases.

Mankato Marathon 10k Last Minute Race Tips

The Mankato Marathon 10K race course is by far my favorite 10K I have ever run. It’s a beautiful run through town with a descent down Stoltzman Road. Here are some quick tips for the 10K:


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