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Bag Drop

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Bag Drop

Marathon, Half Marathon, the first runner in the Relay and 10K runners will be able to check their belongings on race day at the start line.

At packet pickup, runners will receive their official Mayo Clinic Health System drop bag (see below), as well as a bag label which corresponds to their bib number. Before the race, attach the bag label to the bag and fill the bag with warm-up clothes.

There is a Kiwanis bag drop area near the start line to drop your bag prior to the race. Look for the Mayflower Trucks. Items must be in your Mayo Clinic Health System drop bag. No other bags will be allowed.

You can pick up your bag in the runners' corral at the end of the race. Find the Kiwanis bag drop area before exiting the corral. You must show your race number to get your gear.

We ask that no valuable or fragile items be left in your gear. This drop area is only for gear, and there is no guarantee on your items. We do not accept responsibility for loss or theft. Any items left unattended at the starting line and/or finish line for the 10K, Relay, Half Marathon or Marathon will be picked up and donated to the Salvation Army.

Important Message About Safety and Security:
We are taking as many precautionary steps as we can to keep the Mankato Marathon safe for everyone involved. With that, we have a couple important things for you, the participants, to note:
• ALL UNATTENDED BAGS left anywhere on the grounds will be confiscated.
• The Kiwanis bag drop will be heavily monitored, and all Mayo Clinic Health System bags used for the runner bag drop are subject to search.
• ONLY Mayo Clinic Health System bags which participants receive at packet pickup will be allowed into the Kiwanis bag drop.
• The runner bag drop is ONLY for 10K, Relay, Half Marathon or Marathon participants.


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