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May the Course

Make the most of your Marathon weekend!

There are activities throughout marathon weekend for athletes, friends, and families to enjoy together. But when the horn blows Sunday morning, you only have a few hours to find each other along the course and at the finish line. The easiest way to ensure you and your friends see each other is to plan ahead.

Here is some advice for everyone on race day.


Spectator Rules

  • No one is allowed on the course without a properly issued race number.
  • Help keep the course beautiful by not littering. Respect the property of others while spectating.
  • No vehicles of any kind are allowed on the course. The course can be crossed only at designated intersections.
  • Bikers should stay off the course and watch for spectators as much as runners.
  • Spectators must stay clear of the course and off the roads to avoid interfering with the participants.
  • Hold animals on a short leash. Keep them away from runners and be considerate of others.
  • Watch your children at all times. There will be thousands of participants and spectators at the events.
  • Lost kids/Lost and Found will be located at the Greater Mankato Information Booth by the finish line.


cheer zones

Spectator Hints

  • Plan ahead and let your runners know where you will be cheering from on the course. It even helps to decide on which side of the course you will always be cheering from. This will help your runner see you.
    Spectator Viewing Location Map (Look for binocular icon)
  • Ask your runner what they’ll be wearing and tell them what you’ll be wearing also. It helps to hold a sign or balloons so your runner can pick you out in the crowd. It might be easier for your runner to see you than for you to see your runner.
  • Plan for traffic and road closures. Give yourself plenty of time to get from one viewing spot to another. Talk to your runner about their pace then get to the planned cheering location early and don’t leave if you don’t see someone right away. Your runner could be having a really good day or a tough one.
  • Cheer on the other runners too.
  • Course Maps




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